It’s not easy not loosing your cool in this world. It’s so much work in fact they should consider it a full-time profession with overtime up the wazoo. We go through each day bearing witness to incredible, eye-popping, jaw-dropping acts of selfish, self-centered, inhumanity, that brings us close to reacting in kind to what we see. The lack of empathy, comprehension, compassion, understanding, or emotion of any kind, turns urban life into a particularly grotesque soiree of rampaging hypocrites, who one moment denounce the social injustices of the week on social media, to right afterwards flipping the finger in traffic or cutting a line and treating a Starbucks barista with disdain and self-appointed aggrandizement.

But what to most of us do? I think there are a resisting bunch (I have no way of quantifying just how many we are) that gently shake our heads at these sad people, who after all are so involved in their little universe, they don’t even take the opportunity in sharing in the awe-inspiring experience that is being human. Noticing the myriad kindnesses that happen at every moment is far greater than suffering with the petty evils, and it becomes an addiction trying to look for the good in people while contrasting it with the dirt that’s out there. It’s not a matter of being optimistic or pessimistic, just like with any faith or ideology, that’s just adhering to a dogma that constrains our beliefs and experiences. It’s not about the glass being half empty or half full, it’s about realizing that there is a glass, and that there is water in it, that in life we experience thirst and we have ways to quench it. In any case, what I am trying to say is that not suffering with how apparently ugly the world can be is an active choice, it takes work and training, and some people do it really well. It’s about recognizing that we’re all subjected to the same grind, that life is not easy for most, and we do not have to complicate another’s already complex existence. Letting others be is not a matter of not caring. I choose to not mess with other people’s lives in respect with their common humanity, my acknowledgement of being and letting be.

It’s not apathy or disconnectedness, it’s about realizing that maybe, just maybe, the person that is next to me has been dealt a hand far worse than mine, so the last thing they need is my disapproval of how loud they’re talking on the phone while riding the metro. Yes, it’s obnoxious as hell, but it’s also their sad attempt at having their existence recognized by someone, anyone. Just put on your headphones, and blast some classical music. I dare you to sit in the metro while listening to some Mozart or Vivaldi, and just observe the people around, coming and going, each an infinite universe of possibilities and probabilities, each with a story as complex as our own. I dare you to play this little game and not have a smile on your face by the time you get to work. See? Isn’t that much better? Let them rampage along with their silly hypocrisy. You and I know what we are, if anything, we won’t get ulcers from all that bile and hate! I don’t know how many we are, but I am sure it’s what keeps the horsemen of the apocalypse at bay.


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