Be a Voice

be a voice

We spend so much of our time blending in that we forget what makes us individuals. I spend a lot of time ranting and raving about the problems of the world, which for me is a much needed mental valve given that most of the people that surround me don’t want to discuss or try to find solutions to these issues. Each person has their own path to work for happiness, but through my own narrow window, the path to happiness still needs to be paved. There is work to be done. We can only begin to become a part of a community when we begin to actively defend it from what is coming right at us, we only become human beings when we begin to fight for our collective future. We need each and every single independent voice to strike out against conformity and lift their eyes above the rim, my dear friends it is time to rise above.

If you have ever nodded in agreement with anything said here, you know that you’ve got a responsibility, as much as everyone else out there, to speak out. Let your voice strike like thunder against oppression and injustice, let your actions shake apathy out of its roots and convince those around you to wake up from their slumber. You know as well as I do that we have a lot of work to do because these problems are not going to just go away every time we turn on our TVs. If it’s one small act, every single day, I know that we can turn away from the precipice, little by little we can.

Or maybe not. Be right back, Game of Thrones is on.


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