Finding Significance

significanceOur species has an innate hunger for finding meaning in this uncertain reality we live in. From the harrowing days of the state of nature, to today’s seemingly chaotic world order, there are very few of us that don’t ask that most fateful of questions: what’s it all about? Searching for meaning is one of our most deep philosophical needs, one which drives so much a lot of our behaviour. After all, what’s the use of understanding yesterday and living today, if we don’t know where we’re going tomorrow?

The relaunch of Cosmos, with Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s masterful homage to Carl Sagan’s view of the universe, has led me to think a lot about things. It’s made me realize that the dream I had as a nerdy little kid, sitting in a trance devouring book after books, is still alive and well. As a matter of fact, with almost two decades since I formulated that dream, I think I now understand what it takes to make it come to fruition. I recall vividly the warning Sagan made about our species, warning that any species that did not leave its cradle was doomed to extinction. And that is my dream, to one day see a species united in one common cause: the exploration and colonization of space. And I don’t just mean our home around our Sun in the suburbs of our galaxy, I mean venturing out and spreading our tendrils across this universe. This is not a fictional dream, I believe this to my core, that we are meant to survive through the aeons and explore the full potential of the human species.

Which is why it frustrates me infinitely that we spend so much of our time embroiled in solvable drama. We have issues plaguing us that could be solved if only there was a concerted effort to do so. We can solve hunger, we can solve our climate crisis, we can solve misery, war, pestilence and death if we set our minds to it.  I have no doubt of this, and if you set aside yourself for just a moment, you know it too.

We have searched for significance and have looked up at the heavens waiting for an answer, not realizing that our answer lies right there, in the great beyond. We were meant to flourish and take part in the magnum opus of the universe. At the rate we’re going however, we’ll be nothing more than a whimper in the overall scheme of things, a species which learned much but knew little and squandered an opportunity to participate in writing the annals of this cosmic tale. So, I ask all of you, as I ask myself each morning. Get your shit together and get with the plan; we have work to do.


One thought on “Finding Significance

  1. LOL, that was awesome. Well done.

    It’s a pretty common frustration, part of the human tragedy, that we know we have the power and ability to make things better and yet we can never all seem to get on the same page and get to work on it.

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